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Since 2009, I've been working with Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses or achieve their personal goals to unlock the best from their daily itinerary.

By starting with values based strategic consulting - we've unlocked growth, changed lives and built successful businesses by identifying the driving force behind success and building the structures and systems that enable growth - personal and professional.


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Some of our successful clients:

Easy Crypto is an established Crypto Asset Exchange in South Africa. I've partnered with them to grow their Institutional Sales exposure and increase their revenue and impact in the South African professional financial environment.

Public Relations, Key Relationships, Sales, Marketing, Events, Collateral & Reputation Building.

Plett Christian School is a longstanding community service project - with over 30 years of history.

I joined them to escalate their brand to the local church and Christian community and attract new students and partnerships.

Signage, Digital Presence, Community Growth, Marketing Strategy, Team Development.

Sebrio was a local firm who had never done any marketing.

Sharing Sebrio's strengths and careful targeting of potential partners positioned them as a market leader in HealthIT. The founder moved to the USA at the invitation of targeted clients.

Branding, Social Media, Pay-per-click, Twitter, Lead Generation, Relationship Building, Emails.

St Pauls Forex is a boutique foreign exchange treasury intermediary.

As opposed to the bigger players, St Pauls partners with fiduciary businesses to deliver bespoke, knowledgable savings to their clients on every international money transfer.

Sales Processes, Marketing, Web Development, Key Relationships, Partner Support.

Why Chrysalis Marketing?

A Chrysalis is the powerful cocoon where a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

My focus has always been to partner with entrepreneurs to take what they've built - something good - and together turn it into something great.

The name represents my focus on growth, transformation, and the emergence of something truly formidable in the world of business.

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Chrysalis Marketing (Pty) Ltd is a Marketing and Consulting Firm registered in South Africa, operating with a bespoke team of service providers from around the world.


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